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Lake For computers, A Service Oriented Company

As Lake has become one of the top information Technology Providers in Jordan, Serving the needs of many clients, the urgency for a highly professional team dedicated to the successful and timely deployment of projects as well as maintaining them has been affirmed, thereby justifying the substantial investments Lake has made to build and enhance its presence as a first class service company.

The Mission

To grow our business through building up long term and mutually beneficial Strategic Partnerships with vendors by providing value based high quality technology solutions, which are purpose oriented and re-engineered to produce maximum business leverage for our customers.

We employ an energetic young Team, trained on the latest technological products and highly experienced in their respective areas of expertise. In addition, our management & marketing personnel are very familiar with the Middle East business market and methodologies, which automatically gives us an upper hand while providing our customers with "Total Value Solutions".
As we are seeking to grow our business we formed many partnerships to provide various public, private and commercial sectors such as the ones mentioned below with our products and services:

• Health Care
• Banking
• Industrial
• Educational
• Insurance
• Construction

Products and Services:

1. Annual and periodical maintenance contracts for information technology departments which include the maintenance of servers, routers, switches, PCs, scanners and all types of Printers of various brands (Laser printers, line printers, dot matrix).

2. Provide dot matrix and Line printers (Authorized Exclusive Dealer for Tally Dascom & Globalis).

3. Provide spare parts and equipments for IT Departments.

4. Provide and install various Electronic and physical Security solutions and products for IT departments:

• Queuing Systems for various commercial places (Wavetec Systems Authorized Dealer).

• Provide CCTV surveillance & time attendance systems.

• Provide data centers with environmental and monitoring systems (AKCP Authorized Dealer).

5. Provide hardware maintenance training through Lake's qualified and certified staff that are capable of delivering comprehensive training courses that include PC's, laptops, servers, printers, monitoring solutions, and anti-malware.

6. Provide Vrious Software Splutions for Samall and Medium Buisenesses, such as Finance & Accounting Software, Banking, Help Desk , Organizing Small & Medium Businesses , HR & Payroll.

Our Definition of Customer Satisfaction:

We are convinced that customer satisfaction is our greatest asset. As a result, we have adopted several measurements to ensure that boundaries between ourselves and our clients are very minimal to the extent that the clients begin to perceive Lake's technical services department as an extension to their own IT resources.

1. A dedicated call handler who is well-versed in identifying Technical issues, and conveying the required action via a computerized call handling system.

2. Vendor-Certified Diagnostics before dispatch engineers take over the responsibility of identifying the exact failure and access impact size of the fault. This guarantees that the assigned engineer will take the necessary preparations and parts to resolve the issue at minimal customer downtime (First Time Fix).

3. In the unlikely event a call does not get closed within normal working hours, the call level will automatically be escalated to a higher level of seniority through the technical management, thereby ensuring that the fault will receive the highest priority and attention where all the resources will be utilized to minimize our Demand Maintenance (DM) response and fulfillment time.

4. For the convenience of our clients we have categorized internal system activities into the following:

 Preventive Maintenance:
Whereby, clients will receive periodical field-engineer visits to ensure that all warrantied and/or maintenance-contract covered solutions are performing at the optimal desired level and environmental settings. Our call management system is equipped with a master file that automatically generates periodical maintenance request calls for each site according to a pre-determined schedule.

 Demand Maintenance:
Our Maximum response time is 2 working hours within greater Amman area and in the vicinity of 12 working hours outside of Amman. In the case a problem persists for more than 48 working hours, Lake will replace the faulty system with an equivalent.

 Project implementation:
Starting the official day of award, our technical department assumes the responsibility for scheduling and implementing the project against a well-planned time sheet to avoid any latency or delivery conflicts.

Lake firmly beliefs that the more educated our clients are about their computerized solution, down time will be kept at a minimum thereby increasing the overall productivity of the client while efficiently allocating our valuable resources.

 Qualifications & Certifications:
All of our service engineers possess high technical skills and extensive field exposure.

Workshop and Stocks:

We have a workshop fully equipped to handle all repairs. The total area of our workshop is close to 100 square meters. The workshop is located on the same floor our company is located in. Lake is very keen on FTF (First Time Fix) and FIT (Fix In Time) to a level that justifies the substantial investments in spares stocking. The total area of our stock rooms is not less than 200 square meters. The stock room is located in the same building Lake is located in to guarantee quick and timely access to spare parts required.


• Dot matrix printers and Line printers (Authorized Exclusive Dealer for Tally Dascom, Globalis and OKI)

Lake offers all types of Dot matrix, line printers And Plotters with its Consumables and ribbons

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• AKCP SNMP-based and Web Enabled Environmental Monitoring Solutions:

We can summarize these AKCP security Probe units can monitor the physical environment for data centres and alert you of any disturbances, such as unauthorized intruders, security breaches, high parameters and much more. Also, you will be notified by a customized notification channels such as mobile SMS, Email ...etc. temperatures, smoke, water leakages, connectivity for all your network devices, various network & power.

 Data Centre & Server Room
 Telecommunication Room
 Network Equipment
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 Backup Power & Generators
 Air Conditioning
 Cryogenics & Food industry
 Medical & Pharmaceutical applications
 Server Rack Monitoring
 Buildings, Hospitals and Hotels.21315435465724123123
 Power Monitoring

Monitor threats
AKCP security probes empower you to monitor various threats, and it makes full controls for your environment, by providing you monitor many threats:
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Intrusion and motion Detection
• Water leakage
• Smoke Detection
• Various Power Management conditions.
• Air Conditions Monitoring.
• Automatically Shut down you equipment's in an Emergency.
• Monitor up to 600 intelligent sensors

Sample Client List:
1. Royal Scientific Society (الجمعية العلمية الملكية)
2. CSPD site (الأحوال المدنية والجوازات)
3. Aqaba Free Zone site (سلطة العقبة الاقتصادية)
4. Ministry of labor (وزارة العمل)
5. Hashimate University (الجامعة الهاشمية)

• Lake Software Services

Lake Software Services provides customer – Focused solutions to clients in Jordan in all sectors.
Unlike other software companies Lake provides solutions that increase your business productivity without changing the way you do your business.

The Software Services team at Lake Computers is focused on making your job easier. If you're looking for an integrated solution for:
• Finance & Accounting Software
• Banking
• Help Desk
• Organizing Small & Medium Businesses
• HR & Payroll

• Finance & Accounting Software

Whether in the private, public or third sector, finance departments are under increasing pressure to control costs and minimize financial risk. This calls for trusted technology that keeps finance staff informed and in control of their activities at all times.

• HR & Payroll

LAKE HR is designed for companies with HR departments who may be struggling to be more efficient. LAKE HR reduces time consuming clerical work by centralizing, tracking, and reporting employee data that's scattered across multiple systems. Ensure government compliance and avoid company risk by meeting federal and state rules, regulations, and reporting requirements. LAKE HR provides powerful tools for managing your employee information.
• Banking

Lake software and IT services for banks and financial institutions. More efficient, agile and responsive to business challenges.

• Help Desk Solutions

The LAKE Help desk Software is a 100% Web based Customer Support and IT Support solution.
LAKE help desk software includes a wide range of features from easy Ticket management for both incidents and Service Requests, automatic Email Integration, a full set of Standards reports.

• Organizing Small & Medium Businesses

Organizing Institute Structure, Bid and tender management can be time-consuming and labor-intensive: manual processes, long timeframes, and large volumes of documents. Chasing responses only adds to the headache.
Using LAKE Software reduces wasted effort. It's easy to use, for both issuers and recipients. And it can help you meet compliance requirements, drive down cost and control risk.
• Queuing Systems for Commercial Sites (Wavetec Systems Authorized Dealer)

Wavetec is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, based out of Dubai Silicon Oasis (a high-tech hub in the UAE). Wavetec has established its business footprint in over 30 countries, with regional presence in Riyadh, London, Santiago de Chile, Karachi and Nairobi and a network of trusted partners worldwide. We are known for our ability to deliver large-scale, complex solutions within limited timelines and budgets.

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• Time Attendance Solutions:

We empower biological traits to enhance security in your Daily life, as biometrics technology is a proof of real identity, we simply redefines security with its made-easy solution.
• Professional Design: Elegant Workmanship, Multi Identification methods, can meet user's individual requirements.
• Multi group network communications RJ45 Ethernet, RS232, RS485.
• Steady internet platform.
• Huge capacity memory.
• Incorporated by advanced LINUX Embedded operating System, 24 hours continuous operation.
• Adopt the world most advanced fingerprint sensing technology and algorithms, fast identification speed.

• CCTV Surveillance Systems:

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We offer a comprehensive product lineup, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers, NVR, and central management software.
• High end CCTV camera technology
• Successful migration to IP & HD
• Cost competitive manufacturing
• High reliable quality control
• Top notch zoom camera technologies
• IP Network Cameras
• IR night vision
• Plug & play MPEG4 Wireless IP cameras


• Card Printer Solutions:

Lake Computer Services is a specialized Distributor For a large range of cards printer Solutions in Jordan. We are an authorized reseller in secure card identity systems with smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, photo ID badges, ID card printers, and more. As we provide card printers and ID badge solutions are used in access control systems, time and attendance tracking and asset protection.


• Barriers and Parking Automation

For more products, Solutions and our Vendors:


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